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Paul Svoboda

Classical Guitarist // Composer // Music Educator



"Paul Svoboda is a treasure in the world of classical guitar. His understanding of the instrument is world class and this can be heard in so many of his wonderful arrangements and compositions. As an educator and large ensemble director he is simply peerless - I have never seen someone command as much respect from young players while being so humorous and encouraging. A true inspiration!"


Slava Grigoryan

--- Internationally renowned Classical Guitarist & Artistic Director of the Adelaide International Guitar Festival 

"Paul Svoboda has taken guitar ensemble playing to a new level with his direction of the Loreto College Guitar Ensemble.  I have heard young guitar ensembles all over the world and can honestly say that they stand in a class of their own.  

The energy in the room during their performance was palpable and Paul's music is not only a wonderful pedagogical tool, but a great pleasure to listen to. And what's more, the performers obviously have a ball playing it.

After the performance, there was a rush to buy scores of his music!  Paul is an inspiration to the girls and to all who are lucky enough to hear them."

Karin Schaupp 

--- Internationally renowned Classical Guitarist


"Dr. Paul Svoboda – guitar teacher, composer, arranger, conductor extraordinaire! He is a very well-respected colleague across Australia, creating repertoire which is easily accessible and loved by both teachers and students. His ensemble pieces are addictive, fun and a must-have for any music library."


Caroline Binsted

--- Classical Guitar Teacher & Musical Director, Guitarstrophe! The WA Guitar Ensemble

Perth, Western Australia

"As a teacher, Paul has amazing insights into what makes a student tick, always finding the best ways to motivate and bring the best out of each student. Paul was a special guest tutor at the Sydney Guitar School Winter Workshop in 2019 and it was a treat for all the students and tutors. His music and teaching is an inspiration to us all.

Directing many guitar ensembles and teaching students over many years in New South Wales, I have found that Paul’s music is always lots of fun to play and teach: both solo and guitar ensemble pieces. His music has a distinct rhythmic drive and catchy feel – you hear the music for days after playing or teaching it. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul in Sydney and at the Adelaide Guitar Festival.

As an ensemble director, Paul is always a pleasure to work with and one learns a lot from attending his energetic, fun and fast-paced rehearsals - he never skips a beat (or a rehearsal!). The Loreto College Guitar Ensemble and the Aurora Guitar Ensemble are a true testament to Paul's hard work and dedication to his students. The performance standard is world class."

Giuseppe Zangari

--- Guitarist and Principal, Sydney Guitar School

Zangari Giuseppe Photo.png

"The music composed by Paul Svoboda gently speaks to the wider contemporary world out there, and it touches everyone in the heart: beautiful melodies, lush chords, endless colours, expressive power... We have been so fortunate to be playing his music for almost a year here in Mauritius, with great success.


Paul's live concerts with the Aurora Guitar Ensemble are an inspiration to all guitarists and a joy to the audience, for their stage presence, their unique sound and Paul's sheer communicative exuberance! We simply LOVE all his artistic output and cannot wait to add more of his compositions to our repertoire!"

Eric Cathan

--- Founder & Director, Guitar Passion

Photo credit: Antonio Chavry
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